Preoperative instructions

In preparation for anesthesia, please ensure that your pet has nothing to eat or dink after 10p.m. the night before, or the morning of surgery (rabbits and most exotic animals are allowed food/water up until the time of surgery - please include their regular diet in/with your carrier). Your dog should come into the clinic on a leash and your cat, rabbit or exotic pet should come in a pet carrier. Please make sure to walk your dog before dropping them off.

Pick-Up & Post Op


Once surgical procedures are completed and after full recovery from anesthesia, animals are discharged from the clinic the same day of surgery.

Group discharge (all animals) is typically around 4:30pm the day of surgery. Depending on our surgery schedule for the day, pickup time may be slightly different. You will be notified at drop off what time discharge is scheduled for the day.

Please plan to be here 20-30 minutes for discharge. Please note that in the rare event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies at the clinic there may be a longer wait at discharge. 

Dr. Broome will review the post operative procedures with you during group discharge.You will be told what to expect over the next few days as your pet recovers from surgery. You will also be informed of any conditions or medical issues the veterinarian may have found during examination which may require follow up at a full service veterinary clinic. Any additional services or medicines will need to be paid for at the time of pick-up.

If you have any concerns or questions about your pet after its surgery, please call SNIP Clinic right away. We will have you come in with your pet for a re-check if necessary. If your pet is in distress over the weekend or after clinic hours, please call your regular veterinarian or go to the After Hours Emergency Clinic closest to you.